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, as he gets constantly linked.
Ippolita Maria Sforza is the Queen of Naples and the First Love of Lorenzo Medici.Gadgeteer Genius : Leonardo, quite frequently.Important: You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.85, ninja Cannon Retaliation 85 Ninja Cannon Retaliation, imagine a cow launched by a cannon, and then punched by monkeys to score.Da Vinci explained to Jacopo Saltarelli, the prostitute, that for him, sexuality isn't as simple as men or women.Dracula : Vlad the Impaler shows up in episode 6 and is legitimately scary.In real life, Amerigo Vespucci was born two years after Leonardo da Vinci; in the show he seems to be ten years older.Implacable Man : Vlad Dracula.
Bad Boss : Pope Sixtus IV in "The Devil".
Swallow the Key : The Jew does this to hide his key.
When both are widowed after their spouses are killed a marriage between them would seem the most obvious course of action but after season two she's never seen or mentioned again.
Cluster F-Bomb : Thrown around frequently.
Bitch in Sheep's Clothing : Lucrezia, keeps up the act, but she ends up killing both Becci and Giuliano.
artistic License Geography : The ships in search of the Book sconti museo del cinema torino of Leaves sail across the Atlantic and land at some jungle apparently right next to the Andes.
Handy Cuffs : Lucrezia uses her chains to kill Bayezid II then steal the keys to escape.Prepare your cannons and take the pirates down.Nico is a dead ringer for Verrocchio's David (not altogether surprisingly, since he's Verrocchio's model).Sherlock Scan : Leo Shout-Out : The Secret Vatican Archives contain, among other things, the Ark of the Covenant.Actually staged by Lucretzia on Count Riario's orders, by poisoning the feet of the statue of Saint Anthony, which the nuns kiss as a sign of devotion, with a hallucinogenic.The Dark Knight Saga and it stars Tom Riley.It's time to get rid of these monsters who try to harm the planet!Averted by Clarice, who dies in "Modus Operandi" despite having lived well past those events in reality.Artillery Rush 2 90 Artillery Rush 2, the pirates are sailing for more treasure!

Valerius the Great is a rich and powerful man who was left alone in a barren island to rot.
Bi the Way : Leonardo.