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Vince grella barbara grella

Grella played for 10 years in Italy and four in England and represented Australia 46 times but he admitted he could have played a few more years for the national team if he left Blackburn Rovers two years earlier.
"Milan's Kaka was the finest player I faced.
"When I stood in the tunnel of the famous Milan stadium next to such a legend as Maldini it was pretty special.
Well, it is very hard to get much better than that.I know it's very hard in Australia but for us to get to the next level we need to play the game in its proper climate, which is in winter." What's your opinion on the Socceroos team in terms of personnel and style?How hard was it for this unknown footballer from Australia to be accepted in one of the world's major football countries?For me the style is all about the result.Grella, who was born in the Dandenongs outside Melbourne, lives in Florence and was happy to share his recollections of an extraordinary quanto si vince con un terno secco da 5 euro career.Sometimes the beauty of the game gets smothered by the importance of the result."They are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices, I just think they do not have the level of patience.Do you think some of today's young players are not prepared to make the sort of sacrifices you would have made when you left Carlton for Italy way back in 1998?"I would have to say that walking out onto the San Siro pitch as captain of Parma at 25 years of age next to AC Milan skipper Paolo Maldini was the highlight of my life as a footballer in Serie."I have lots of admiration for Francesco Totti for the way he keeps presenting himself with the enthusiasm of a 20-year-old when he's."To be honest with you, from the day I started this job about three years ago if I were to put my balance sheet together between the money I spent and earned I would just about break even.
"Then I decided to give it one last shot because I would not have lived with the thought of retiring without trying.
He was a very special player, particularly in that two-year period when he won fifa player of the year (in 2007).
Is this really true or a bit of a myth?
If you tell me 'come and watch my team play, we play fantastic football but we always lose four-nil."The secret of doing it well is understanding your limitations and feeling that even though the lights are not shining on you you are still an important part of the team.It created the person that I am now."."I just did not see how I was going to be successful and if I were I would have lost contact with Australian football, which is part of the reason I became an agent.".The Italians eat, drink and dream tactics.I hated sitting on the bed, playing with the phone or watching television."If you can accept not being the star of the show - and this comes back a bit to the personality of the player - you can have lasting success in that position.Grella rates Ange's midfield stronger than golden generation.